To make each event unforgettable

Unforgettable Events

Event organisation needs symphony-like precision. It requires harmony, and means taking guests on a journey of their senses. It’s a journey that will have them closing their eyes to better savour the sensations, as one might do before the sounds of the sweetest orchestra.

To achieve this, we get in tune with you, keep you on key and let you shine when it’s time for your solo.


We make sure all of our events leave a grand lasting impression

Special weddings

No two couples, nor two weddings, are alike. So why should you be forced to choose among stale catering fare? Tell us which flavours you’d like accompanying you on the most important day of your life and, by your side, we’ll make certain that when you tie the knot it’s special and unique.


We make every professional event an experience to remember

Company events

We breathe life into your event so you can focus on what counts: your clients. Striving to match the spirit of your company and your event, we provide the kind of attention to detail that lets your messages truly shine. Our mission is to deliver an event whose personality reflects your philosophy and message in a way that your clients will remember.

The goal of any professional event is to convey a message. We know how important that is, which is why we promise we’ll spare no detail in making sure it’s done right.

  • Company lunches and dinners
  • Coffee breaks
  • Cocktails
  • Lunch
  • Brunch
  • Press day
  • Office meetings
  • Conventions
  • Trade shows
  • Openings


We deliver one of kind memories for you and your guests

Personalised Service

Your private event deserves the same seriousness, dedication and creativity as one of any large company. That’s why the bespoke attention provided by our professional team covers every last detail, so you and your guests can get down to the business of making memories.

Our Chef service makes house calls, so you can be sure your event is truly special.